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Foto: Jenny Hviding

Homeward Bound

Produced Astral Synergy Productions.

Homeward Bound is a story about a dream I had. The lytics and mood of the song crystallized a deep sense of love and calm, while still being open for what the unforeseeable future has to offer.

Foto: Jenny Hviding



Produced Astral Synergy Productions.

"The song was written in 2018 and is a tribute to the elements. It describes my experience of them, and my experience as them. Beyond the form, i.e. where our elementary body is dissolved, we find freedom, unity and return home, again. In the non-physical experience of being, I experience a unity from which we all spring out of. It is neither plural nor dual, it is one. A paradox. A unity in the many who find it`s calm, strength, patience and wisdom in nature and formless presence."

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Rotbror is a collaboration between Jacob Roots & Ludvik Rot. Combining styles and musical expressions from folk, reggae and world music.

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